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Primary Service Category Details

Construction and Renovation
Plumber, Electrician, Handy Man, General Contractor, Windows & Doors, Kitchen, Stone & Marble, Decks & Fences, HVAC, Locksmith

Consumer Goods
Gifts, Retail, B2C Products

Coaching, Mentoring, Training

Health and Wellness
Counselling, Health Service Provider, Personal Trainer

Home Prep
Staging, Cleaning Services, Junk Removal, Storage

Hospitality and Entertainment
Bars, Music, Restaurants

Inspection Services
Home & Commercial Inspector, WETT Inspector, Septic Inspector

IT Services
Computer Repair, Network Services, Telecommunication Services

Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Divorce Law, Family Law, Personal Legal Representation

Maintenance Services
Landscaping, Snow Removal, Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs, Duct Cleaning

Marketing Services
Content Creation, Social Media, Website Design

Media and Communications
PR Services, Publishing, Radio, TV

Professional Services
Accountant, Insurance, Bookkeeping, Consulting

Recreation and Travel
Attractions, Adventure Tourism, Travel Agents

Transportation and Logistics
Moving Companies, Courier Services, Taxi Services, Warehousing Services